In accordance with our libertarian mission and principles that require us to act exclusively through volunteer work and private funding, Sloboda i Prosperitet TV project is in great need of talented and dedicated individuals to help develop our organization and spread the ideas of individual freedom and small government in all the countries of western Balkans.

The following is a list of some of the activities through which you too can get involved:

Research: to research, collect, and organize information on current political issues, government policies, and laws in the countries of the region (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro).

Writing/Blogging: to write up to date columns, blog articles, and video scripts on all sorts of governmental issues (languages: Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Slovenian, Macedonian, and English).

Translation of foreign language content: bulk of our research material and publications come from outside country sources, in English language. For that reason we have a great need for individuals with good command of English language and translation skills. Good command of written Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian/Slovenian/Macedonian language. Good command of word processing software and a 4 years college degree would be a plus.

Caption Editing: to insert captions into video materials. Individuals should have good command of English and written Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian language, and be able to use caption editing software.

Media Editing: to edit, compile, and publish audiovisual materials. Individuals should have a working knowledge of English language, have good computer skills, be creative and organized, be familiar with audio and video editing software, YouTube, and Internet in general.

Audio & Video Media Recording: to film short documentaries, interviews, etc...

Graphics Creation and Editing: to design and create logos, banners, pamphlets, and images for the needs of our website, other publications, and activities. Creative individuals with good computer and graphics editing software skills desired.

Social Media Marketing: creating and maintaining strong presence in popular social media (Facebook, Twitter, and popular blogs and forums in the countries of the region)

Maintaining Presence in University Campuses: to bring ideas of freedom and liberty to students in universities in our country. Interested individuals should be enrolled as full time students at their universities and should possess good communication and organizational skills.

Maintaining Public Relations: communicating with media, government, and private sector.

Website Moderators: to maintain, moderate and organize the content of our site and forum. Dedicated and organized individuals with good working knowledge of English are a must. Familiarity with CMS management and forum moderation is desired.

Other: if you feel that you have skills that would be valuable to the cause of liberty but are not listed above, please let us know.

We ask all the interested individuals to contact us via our contact form. Thank you!

Note: we at Sloboda i Prosperitet TV regard volonteer workas as a valuable work experience, and our management reserves the right to award letters of recommendation to successful and hard working volonteers for job seeking purposes.