About Us

What is Sloboda i Prosperitet TV?

Sloboda i Prosperitet TV (in English: Freedom and Prosperity TV) is a multimedia project whose mission is to serve as a platform for spreading the ideas of classical liberalism - libertarianism in countries of Western Balkans.


- giving publicity to individuals and organizations in in countries of Western Balkans whose mission is to promotion of individual liberty, free market economics, and small government in their countries.

- exposing conventional collectivist status quo wisdom and informing the citizenry about classical liberal-libertarian alternatives through weekly-monthly news reports, analyses, expert interviews, etc.

- promoting closer communication and cooperation amongst individuals and organizations of similar interest in the region.

- providing a multimedia library of important works of libertarian thinkers and free market experts from around the World.

- publishing multimedia reports and analyses of successes of classical liberal practices from around the World (US, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Estonia, Chile, etc.) as well as publishing similar materials on failures of collectivist practices in Balkans and around the globe.


As an independent non-governmental organization whose principles do not allow funding from the state budget of any country in the world, Sloboda i Prosperitet TV for all of its work and activities solely relies on volunteer work of its members and on the financial support of private donors and related libertarian minded non-government organizations.