You can tell a lot about a person by how they view libertarians

Author: Joe Kent

Original source: Liberty International

As a libertarian, I’ve noticed something about my friends.

Often, the way people view me says more about them than it does about me.

For example, it’s a pretty good bet that if someone calls me a, “right-winger,” they are most likely a left-winger.

Likewise, the only people who call me a, “left-winger,” are usually right-wingers.

People who automatically think I’m an anarchist are usually people who love big government. And people who think I’m not anarchist enough — well only anarchists would ever say that.

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Joe Kent is the Vice President of Research at the Grasroots Institute. He grew up on the Big Island, and received his education degree at the University of Hawaii at Hilo and Minnesota State University. He taught for eight years at King Kamehameha III School in Lahaina, Maui, and at Sleepy Eye Public School in Minnesota. Joe was also a summer fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE).



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